I really enjoy this messaging tool. Therefore, I started to develop solutions that uses Telegram APIs.

First there were bots. Bots everywhere. Bots that could do anything. Immediately I felt inspired and started to study about it.

Telegram Bots

The result of this study is shown below. Nowadays, I keep three bots working non-stop. They are fast, reliable and able handle a lot of requests every day.

Telegram Channels

A few months later, Telegram releases channels feature. A Channel is able to send messages to an unlimited number of people. So I started to look for something in common between the largest number of people I could think of. The answer was: to save money.

Also, I'm responsible for the bots that send content automatically to the following channels:

@CocatechPod - CocaTech podcast feed.

@PromoDroid - Promotions of Android apps.

@Rio_Agora - News about Rio de Janeiro.


In order to make things work, I've received support from some friends. I want to thank each and everyone who helped me to this day (in alphabetical order)

Carlos Marcello Daniel Costa Edgar Araújo Edward Ribeiro Gustavo Faria
João H. Gouveia Jonathas Fernandes Leonardo Martins Lincoln Rollin Marcos Oliveira
Renato Benê Roberty Simões TravelRoutes Valdery Brito
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